About Us

Mission Statement

We will provide an innovative, accessible range of services to educate, support and assist people and communities, particularly those most vulnerable.

Vision Statement

We contribute towards the dignity, well-being and quality of life of the communities we support.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Bowen Community Council Inc. shall be to seek the advancement of and improvement in the community and social welfare sector by any or all of the following means:

  • To seek the advancement and improvement of the Bowen Community by continually creating and strengthening our ties within the communities we work with.
  • To respect, listen, and value the importance of the people who seek our support, resources, and referrals.
  • To actively seek partnerships with like-minded organisations and community groups for the benefit of our community.
  • To encourage community participation by providing spaces for meetings and activities.
  • To provide a safe and supportive workplace environment for staff and volunteers, with equal opportunity, diversity, and training options.
  • To closely align our core values with the Declaration of Human Rights and the 30 articles contained within the declaration.
  • To provide assistance for those experiencing financial distress, destitution, suffering, misfortune, helplessness, homelessness, family domestic violence, or experiencing poor literacy.
  • To do all things as may be incidental or ancillary to the attainment of these objects.

Our Principles

The Bowen Community Council Inc. operates within a community development framework and has adopted the social justice principles of participation, rights, access and equity. The organisation aims to ensure that all who come in contact with us experience the culture that flows from these core values:

  • A physically safe, healthy, and non-threatening environment
  • Maximum participation in decision making
  • Transparent information about rights and responsibilities
  • Personal privacy and confidentiality
  • Access to available services, support, or referrals
  • Equal opportunities to participate in activities and programs
  • Affirmative action with disadvantaged groups
  • Support and respect for diversity

Strategic Plan

Click the following goals to view outcomes and strategies:

Provide effective services that respond to the needs of the community


  • Continue to deliver a diverse range of services to the community
  • Offer support and assist to any member of the community particularly those most vulnerable
  • Establish services for older persons to decrease social isolation
  • Enhance our community events to include a more comprehensive cross section of the community

Strategies to achieve

  • Regular surveying to determine if community needs are being met, and client feedback forms to be used constructively for continuous improvement
  • Provide effective referrals, emotional support, education and resources if available
  • Offer English classes to people who do not have English-as-a-first language
  • New program for healthy lunch box preparations, homemade snacks, frozen food packs on a budget
  • Expand music, singing and dancing programs in play groups
  • New programs for financial resilience of families and the disadvantaged
  • Offer technology classes
Be recognised and valued within the community


  • Develop a stronger, more recognisable brand
  • Enhance promotion of BCC activities
  • Promote our activities in a variety of media

Strategies to achieve

  • Keep website up-to-date and contemporary
  • Continue to promote social media
  • Continue with pop-up shops where appropriate
Have a purpose-built, fit-for-purpose community hub facility


  • Maintain and grow shed shop activities
  • Work towards having all operations within one premises footprint

Strategies to achieve

  • Fit out factory to house Bowen Community Op Shop, Tucker Box Food Shop
  • Investigate purchase and renovation of the current Salvos building for Cooinda
  • Have outside shaded seating areas for all customers
Develop alternative sources of independent revenue / funding


  • Apply for any grants that may be beneficial to the organisation
  • Develop business plans to investigate and implement commercial properties rental income

Strategies to achieve

  • Source grant funds for development of commercial rental opportunities
  • Enhance diversified funding opportunity by renting rooms in new building
  • Expand joint venture activities with other community eg CWA Christmas cakes
  • Expand to retail Op Shop with paid facilitator
  • Monitor and evaluation when and why fundraising initiatives un/successful
Build a stronger team of people


  • Build an enhanced volunteer base
  • Ensure all staff are given training opportunities that reflect BCC’s range of services

Strategies to achieve

  • Implement regular performance reviews
  • Continue regular staff meetings
  • Highlight training gaps and encourage staff to have input
Ensure a safe workplace for all


  • Maintain an environment where people feel welcome
  • Enhance workplace safety for staff and service users
  • Develop continual service and operational improvement strategies

Strategies to achieve

  • Update policies and procedures annually to ensure good practice
  • Review earlier than yearly if situations change
  • Ensure all reviews completed in timeframe

Reconciliation Action Plan

Click  to download our 2023–2024 Reconciliation Action Plan.

Meet our team


  • Stephanie Cora BCC Executive Officer
  • Jacintha Bezgovsek BNC Administration
  • Dianne Hearn BNC Finance Officer
  • Trenton Finlay BNC Finance Officer
  • Lauren Miller BNC Reception
  • Lucy Brunker BNC Community Connect Worker
  • Sally Roberts BNC Admin/Support Worker
  • Xena Yasso Cooinda Coordinator
  • Jade Batalibasi Cooinda Support Worker
  • Emma Johnson Cooinda Support Worker/Community Engagement Officer
  • Kelly Crocker Cooinda Play Helper

Board members

  • Christine Coventry Chair
  • Jill Brabon Vice Chair
  • Penny Warren Secretary
  • John Finlay Treasurer
  • Sue Shearing Board Member
  • Greg Pollard Board Member
  • Faileen James Board Member
  • Starr Lowry Board Member


  • Dee Jastremski
  • Robyn Seaman
  • Heather Johnston
  • Diane Potter
  • Christine Prossor
  • Greg Williamson
  • Sue Gaffney
  • Joe Gaffney
  • Paul Bax
  • Carmen Lynch
  • Colin Stoessel
  • Sharyn Stoessel
  • Cheryl Throssell
  • Darren Cora